Year-End Campaign Support Services

If you need an injection of expertise to take your year-end appeal to the next level or to fortify your task-force and stay on deadline, we provide customized service packages that deliver high-value, high-level, high-impact help.


Planning & Strategy

Include Joanna Joslyn, Project Manager and Lead Consultant with Joslyn Creative, in a two-hour planning session with your development staff to lay-out timelines, deadlines, and tasks for your year-end campaign. With over twenty years of experience in nonprofits across service sectors, Joanna brings knowledge of industry standards (and deviations!)as well as a full toolkit of systems diagnostics and tuning skills.

Processes: Telephone or on-site conference with development staff, and optional presentation of Year-End Campaign Plan upon delivery

Deliverables: Year-End Campaign Plan: Custom timeline with major deadlines and task list

Fees: $400 (does not include optional travel)


Project Management

Guarantee a smooth roll-out of a multi-channel campaign by retaining Joslyn Creative to manage your year-end project. From the planning stage through gift acknowledgement, Joanna will work with department leaders to:

  • Facilitate workflow of staff and help problem-solve
  • Monitor deadlines of in-house and out-sourced projects
  • Provide industry insights and make well-researched recommendations
  • Assist with third-party vendor services as needed

Processes: Initial Planning & Strategy meeting, weekly check-ins, ad-hoc communications with staff and vendors as required, post year-end debrief

Deliverables: Project Management documentation that is fully accessible by staff, including timeline with major deadlines and task list, real-time status updates and records of decisions, outcomes, and lessons learned

Fees: Monthly Retainer fees range from $500-$1,500. A three-month project duration is typical for this service package


Major Donor Custom Year-End Solicitations

Synchronize your people and software processes to segment, target, solicit and follow up with your most valuable donors. Joanna will work directly with department leaders, field fund-fundraisers, and database staff to capture solicitation strategy, assignments and targets; and to establish procedures for generating personalized solicitation letters.

Fees: Call to discuss your specific needs, and how we can help optimize your major donor solicitations.


Year-End Analytics

Charting progress is the heart of constant improvement, but it requires understanding where you started as well as where you are going. Our analytics specialists will help you determine what your indicators of successful for a year-end appeal are, and then put systems in place to collect performance data across channels. After year-end, we will generate graphic and statistical reports that are attractive, understandable, and ultimately, informative.

Processes: Scoping meeting to review current data-points and identify gaps and also to review current reports and draft new ones. Work with database, IT and marketing staff to identify points for data collection and standardization, test report logic, design reports, and document reporting procedures. After year-end, analyze data and create reports.

Deliverables: Process documentation, year-end reports with executive summary, and post year-end debrief

Fees: Project fees range from $1,500-$3,000 depending on the suite of reports requested


Donor Data Clean-Up Services

We lend extra muscle to your fundraising database team to get data hygiene issues resolved, once and for all.

• Project Evaluation: In-person, or using simple screen-share technology, we will evaluate the project together.
• Consultation: We’ll bring our knowledge of industry standards, data structure, and specific software features and limitations to the discussion, and ask important “what if” questions.
• Summary: We’ll provide you with a detailed work-plan and task sequence to ensure results and to provide documentation.
• Support (Optional): Project support options include “on-call” consultation; project management services; or full support, where our data team executes the entire project.

Deliverables: Detailed work-plan and task sequence specific to your organization and donor management software system. Support contracts include complete process documentation.

Fee: $500 for first project, $200 for additional projects in same session. Includes Evaluation, Consultation, and Summary.

Fees for Support vary by type of service: $55-$75 per hour for “on-call” consultation and project management, $35-$55 per hour for data technician services