Service Packages

Major Gifts Implementation

Our flagship service, this package helps organizations and campaign consultants bridge the gap between great fundraising strategy and the back-office systems and support necessary for implementation.  learn more.


Advancement Services

Joslyn Creative brings “big shop” advancement support to small development teams; providing solid data and strong systems to keep you on schedule and on goal—a resource-savvy solution for ramping up fundraising results without new software or additional staff.   learn more.


Donor Database Assessment

Align development strategy with donor management systems and software. This high-value, introductory service package results in a clear road map for getting your data systems from here…. to there.  learn more.


Donor Database Software Optimization

Deploy the full functionality of your donor management software. Together, we can find better reports, cleaner work-flows, or new, powerful modules to enhance the value of your current technology assets.  learn more.


Donor Management Software Comparison & Conversion

Even the most sophisticated development professionals dread the teeming nonprofit software marketplace with its installed or SaaS products, open source or proprietary platforms, modules, add-ons, and apps ad nauseam.

Based on your business practices and near-future needs, Joslyn Creative can cull from the crowd the three best software options for you, and guide the RFP and evaluation process through purchase. We can also assist in the mapping and conversion process into your new product.  learn more.


Year-End Campaign Support Services

If you need an injection of expertise to take your year-end appeal to the next level or to fortify your task-force and stay on deadline, we provide customized service packages that deliver high-value, high-level, high-impact help.   learn more.


Donor Database Clean Up

Are you plagued by inconsistent address formatting, misappropriated fields, duplicate data, reverse soft-credits? Do you reformat every mailing list you run, or clean every export you generate simply because there’s no time or staff resources to fix the underlying data issues? Let’s get this done.  learn more.


Wealth Data and Prospect Research

We help integrate wealth screenings and deploy this valuable resource via data mining and file segmentation.

We also conduct individual prospect reports.  learn more.