For development departments who are upgrading or revamping donor systems

Databases can be really, super frustrating.
But they don’t have to be.

Many nonprofit organizations suffer inconveniences and inefficiencies for years–simply because updated software functionality hasn’t been installed, outdated processes haven’t been modernized, or staff turnover has resulted in organizational memory loss.

Joslyn Creative can help your team clarify needs, isolate the pain, and create lasting solutions or your most persistent database problems. Sometimes it’s as simple as making data consistent across records, or customizing reports; and sometimes it’s finding a more robust software product. Whatever challenges you’re facing, we will back you up with decades of fundraising experience and deep, technical expertise.

Services Packages that might be of interest to you include:

Donor Database Assessment

Align development strategy with donor management systems and software. This high-value, introductory service package results in a clear pathway for getting your data systems from here…. to there.

Donor Database Systems Optimization

Deploy the full functionality of your donor management software. Together, we will discover better reports, create cleaner work-flows and activate powerful features that increase the value of your current technology assets.

Donor Database Clean Up

Let’s get this done.

Donor Management Software Comparison & Conversion

Even the most sophisticated development professionals dread the teeming nonprofit software marketplace with its installed or SaaS products, open source or proprietary platforms, modules, add-ons, and apps ad nauseam.

Based on your business practices and near-future needs, Joslyn Creative can cull from the crowd the three best software options for you, and guide the RFP and evaluation process through purchase. We can also assist in the mapping and conversion process into your new product.