2018 Workshop Topics

Major Gifts Fundraising Systems Implementation

Recommended for small development teams (3-5 full-time staff) that are expanding individual major gifts and grant funding efforts.


Power Up your Data Systems to Support Major Gifts Fundraising

What to do when your Strategic Fundraising Plan calls for increased Major Gifts, but your donor database is still functioning as an address book? Together we will chart the course from strategic plan to boots-on-the-ground implementation, beginning with proper segmentation of your donor database, moving through the 6 stages of cultivation, and finally understanding the reports and systems that manage work flow and track the progress of a major gifts effort.

  • Understand the role of data in Major Gifts Fundraising
  • Simple tweaks and critical codes that power up any database
  • Making your database work for your team (instead of the other way around!)

3-hour interactive presentation

Also available as 45-minute “Highlights” for professional groups


Priming your Prospect Pipeline

For organizations considering a wealth screening, or needing to deploy screening results, this workshop focuses on discovery and prospecting tools, data-mining techniques, prospect research practices, and the internal systems that transform wealth data into new funding.

  • The key database codes, fields, and practices that drive the Cultivation Cycle—from Discovery through Stewardship
  • Understanding wealth screening results and to integrate findings to enrich your database
  • Putting data to work by developing solid internal work-flows, managing fundraiser portfolios, and establishing review processes.

3-hour interactive presentation

Also available as 45-minute “Highlights” for professional groups


Fundraising Analytics

Recommended for small- mid-sized organizations developing or implementing a multi-year Strategic Plan with fundraising goals between $500,000 and $3M per year.


Fundraising Analytics 101: Establishing Benchmarks and Setting Goals

No matter how big or small your organization, and how complex or simple your donor database, these core concepts apply to your nonprofit. Participants will look at three stages of strategic planning–Benchmarking, Assessment, and Goal Setting—through the lens of donor data. We will clarify each organization’s unique fundraising mix and learn the key tools for assessing current practices to better focus on the most effective activities and valuable funding streams.

  • Differentiate between the three “species” of data and related key reports
  • Understand the codes, fields, and data practices that optimize reporting capability
  • Take home three powerful reports that will improve your fundraising

3-hour hands-on workshop with small group activities

Also available as 90-minute presentation (often combined with Fundraising Analytics 201)


Fundraising Analytics 201: Translating Goals into Action

Get to the heart of fundraising analytics and begin translating your strategic fundraising plan into clear, actionable, and meaningful annual, quarterly and monthly goals. Participants will learn to generate accurate financial reports, useful fundraising and forecasting reports, and outcome-driven performance metrics.

  • Design a framework for breaking strategic goals into actionable, measurable work
  • Take home samples of key fundraising and performance reports
  • Learn Tips and Tricks for turning your donor software into an analytics machine

3-hour hands-on workshop with small group activities

Also available as 90-minute interactive presentation


Donor Database Optimization

Recommended for growing development departments or Dev Ops teams experiencing staff transition.


Are You Getting the Best Bang for Your Buck?

You’ve got a donor database, but are you optimizing its value to your fundraising efforts? Learn the guiding principles of data and fundraising systems, how form improves function, and how good systems increase the efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness of fundraising staff.

  • Data practices and integration tips for print and email communications
  • Gift entry, tax acknowledgement, and fund tracking best practices
  • The basics and intermediates of Queries, Filters, Reports, Lists, and Exports

3-hour interactive presentation

Also available as 45-minute “Highlights” for professional groups

New Donor Management Software and Conversion

Recommended for organizations considering investing in a new donor management software product.


What Donor Management Software is Right for You?

Daunted by the teeming nonprofit software marketplace with its installed or SaaS products, modules, add-ons, and apps ad nauseam? This workshop will help you take control of the search process, compare various product features and price structures, and make a grounded, informed selection decision.

  • Articulate your organization’s unique fundraising mix, and understand the database features and functionality that will best support it
  • Take home an easy-to-use tool for comparing the “Apples and Oranges” of software products and pricing structures.
  • Tips for Conversion – Excerpts from our conversion guidebook to help save time and reduce the pain of converting to a new product.

3-hour hands-on workshop with small group activities


Salesforce Foundation—What is it, how it works, and how to use it.

Many nonprofits sign up for Salesforce Foundation before understanding of how the platform functions—and end up with the database equivalent of a sports car parked in the garage. This popular, free product has hidden and very real costs, as well as sizeable benefits. Together we will reveal both the costs and the benefits, evaluate if Salesforce is a good fit for your organization, and discuss tips for managing a conversion.

  • The physiognomy of Salesforce and the Nonprofit Starter Pack–what makes it unique and potentially powerful
  • How to use Salesforce to define business practices and support your development efforts
  • Tips for Conversion – how to align your data with Salesforce’s Account/Contact structure, donations, and other core functions

3-hour interactive presentation